Perrie Edwards: I’ll be a blonde bride

Perrie Edwards won’t be dying her hair a bright colour for her wedding to Zayn Malik, but feels totally comfortable without make up on in front of him.

The Little Mix singer has been dating the One Direction heartthrob officially since May 2012 and the couple became engaged in August last year. The 20-year-old has changed her look numerous times during their relationship and sported purple locks for a while last year. But Perrie plans on sticking to a more natural colour when their wedding eventually takes place.

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“I’m very experimental with my hair, so I haven’t got a clue [how to have it] at the moment. It could be anything – I don’t know if I want it up or down yet,” she told British magazine Now. “I highly doubt that [it will be purple], it would clash with my dress. Colour-wise I’m sticking with what I am now – I’ve had enough of changing it and its far less damaging being less blonde than I was. Also, I prefer the way my makeup and clothes look with this hair.”

When it comes to makeup, Perrie and her bandmates Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall are big fans of it but they take different views when it comes to letting their men see them barefaced. While Jesy, 23, thinks most girls probably don’t feel completely comfortable without makeup on in front of a boy, but Perrie disagrees.

“[I wasn't comfortable] at first, but I’ve got to the point with Zayn where I do,” she said. “Most of us met our men while we were on The X Factor and if they liked us back then that’s saying a lot! I don’t think Zayn really cares about the amount of time I spend getting my lips straight – he just goes in for a kiss.”
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Packing for your summer trip: wardrobe essentials

Summer vacation is here and with it, the frustration of packing a suitcase to cover a trip’s worth of activities. But with careful planning and reuse of key items, it’s easy to look fashionable no matter where your travels take you.

“First of all, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that black has to be your neutral,” says Meagan Glasco, academic director of fashion at The Art Institute of Charlotte, a campus of South University. “During the summer, pretty much any solid color can be the foundation for your vacation outfits, so plan to include your most flattering colors.”

Glasco advises:

* Make sure that every item you pack can be worn at least two different ways.

* Pack mostly solid color items with just one or two patterned or specialty items like a sequin top to ensure that all of your outfits will coordinate.

* Add a cardigan or blazer over a dress to create a look that works in almost any situation. Dresses take up the least amount of space in your luggage.

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Kate Campbell, academic director of fashion at The Art Institute of Tampa, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design, recommends basing your packing list on the trip’s activities. She says, “Before your leave home, plan each day’s outfits to match the day’s activities.”

Campbell’s additional tips:

* Plan one or two central pieces, such as a simple jacket, a fabulous sundress or the perfect jeans. Add a blouse to dress jeans up or a tee to dress them down.

* Bring three pairs of shoes: comfortable walking shoes, sandals, and dress shoes; and two handbags: a roomy classic bag for travel and a small bag to use at your destination. Don’t fall for too many pockets in your bags – it may look organized, but it’s impossible to find things.

* Use accessories like belts, jewelry or scarves to give the same outfit a completely different look.

Now that you’ve figured out what to take, what’s the best way to pack it? Campbell and Glasco agree:

* Place shoes at the bottom, then heavier items such as jeans or a blazer next, and finally delicate items on top. You can either carefully fold and pack flat or you can roll items to avoid wrinkles. Unpack as soon as you reach your destination.

* Tuck smaller items of clothing, toiletry bags, flat-irons, belts, accessory bags, etc. around the edges or in the corners of your bag. Use Ziploc bags and make sure everything is sealed tight.

* Take only the essentials: ID, insurance, one or two credit cards, minimal cash, one great lipstick, a day’s worth of mini-versions of grooming must-haves and medications in your carry-on bag. A small repair kit for sewing or fixing glasses, sunscreen and a small umbrella in your checked bag.

Good planning before you leave home means you can relax and enjoy yourself at your destination. And isn’t that what a vacation is for?

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Kim Kardashian Is One Hot Mama in a Cleavage and Side Boob Revealing Dress

Kim Kardashian Is One Hot Mama in a Cleavage and Side Boob Revealing Dress

By day Kim Kardashian was the doting mother to darling North West as she celebratedher 1st birthday in a blaze of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s style glory (there was a ferris wheel!). But by night, she turned back into the sexy style lover who’s never met a black cocktail dress she couldn’t slay in. She’s taking the concept of Super Mom to a totally new level.

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We love that Kimye treated themselves to an intimate dinner after partying with family and friends in honor of their baby girl, but we like even more that Kim went for such a hot look. No mom jeans for this curvy beauty.

This plunging black midi is one of those deceptively simple cuts. Up top it’s just two wide straps shaped into a low V, and the bottom is a hip-hugging pencil skirt. But thanks to Kim’s voluptuous bod, that top is a super hot fashion risk that pays off with killer rewards. A black strappy sandal might work better than these nude gladiator heels, but it’s not likely anyone’s staring at Mrs. Kanye West’s shoes.

So kudos to Kim on the bold choice. You’re an inspiration to mother’s everywhere. And by inspiration, we mean major source of jealousy.

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Take an exclusive look at the post-apocalyptic fashion inspired

Let’s be real: Even in a post-apocalyptic world in which 80% of the population has been decimated by a pandemic, people are still going to want to look good. People may be mortal, but true style never dies.

At least, that’s the concept behind “Survival Is An Art: The Last Ship Experience,” a fashion show curated by TNT with the help of entertainment branding agency loyalkaspar, in order to promote the post-apocalyptic drama The Last Ship, which premieres June 22 on the network. Michael Bay carries an executive producer credit on the series, which involves a U.S. naval ship that is trying to solve–and resist–a pandemic that’s wiped out much of the earth’s population. Say what you will about Bay’s frenetic approach to filmmaking, but his work has never lacked in style, which makes a curated fashion show full of post-apocalyptic threads a surprisingly germane concept.

The bulk of the collection includes 20 pieces created by Munich designerIrene Luft, who worked up a series of dresses intended for a fashion-forward approach to one of the obvious post-apocalyptic necessities: The gas mask.

“The collection depicts a kind of post-apocalyptic haute couture fashion future,” Luft explains. “The masks were created in dialogue with the dresses, always with an eye for thinking about how to ‘break’ their beauty, but just in the right way. The audience needs to be thrown off a bit, but also intrigued by the interplay between the mask and the dress. The hand beading and detailed lace and stitch work stands in striking contrast to the industrial nature of the gas mask itself.”

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Those industrial gas masks range from things from various designers that it’s feasible to imagine people in a post-apocalyptic world fighting over to, er, less practical pieces by Luft. (Diamond studs and fake mohawk spikes are more likely to provide incentive and convenient handles to roving gangs of marauders, after all.) The crocheted gas masks from artist Nathan Vincent, meanwhile, avoid the industrial look altogether in favor of a softer, more friendly piece of pandemic protection.

“Gas masks are a direct response to threat of catastrophe, and we don them as a way of protecting ourselves while projecting a sense of safety,” Vincent says. “These crocheted gas masks reference the persona we project to the world and the sense of confidence and power we portray, which offers no actual protection from harm.”

The gallery exhibition this week will take place at a pop-up gallery in Manhattan, and guests will be able to photograph themselves in gas mask couture. It’s a neat concept that considers some of the weirder, but more intriguing, questions that surround post-apocalyptic fiction–what would Kanye West wear to protect himself from a pandemic?

“This activation was inspired by what we saw out in the world of pop culture: a real fascination with gas masks as a symbol of both threat and empowerment,” explains Anna Minkkinen, Creative Director of loyalkaspar. “We reached out to artists with styles ranging from steampunk to hip-hop who have built fan followings with their custom gas mask art. One theme that interested us was the wild personality in the masks — as if these artists were asserting a need for beauty amid the chaos of modern life’s dangers; an assertion that uniqueness and personality must reign until the end.”

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Fabulous Fashion Finds to fund Winchester Quota programs

Quota International of Winchester plans a fun girls night out-style evening of shopping, food and prizes for Thursday’s third annual Fabulous Fashion Finds.

The event at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, 901 Amherst St., Winchester, raised more than $3,000 last year for community services and the hearing impaired, said Lynda Ingle, president of the Winchester club.

Even after rescheduling to accommodate John Handley High School’s graduation, Ingle said, “All in all, it went really well that evening.”

This year, she said she hopes for a turnout of 200.

Fabulous Fashion Finds, described in promotional materials as a sale of gently used fashions, purses and accessories, came from the idea of recycling clothing that women have at home but don’t wear anymore, Ingle said.

Items include shorts, slacks, skirts, suits, hats, gloves, purses and jewelry and range in price from about $3 to $15.

“We have some very high-end things,” she said. “We have some vintage items this year.

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“It’s a great bargain, a really great bargain,” Ingle said.

Admission is $12 and includes light fare catered by Bonnie Blue. Tickets are available at the Daily Grind at 621 W. Jubal Early Drive, Winchester, or at the museum on Thursday. The event runs from 6 to 8 p.m.

Raffle tickets will be sold for themed baskets including items such as wine, beer and designer bags, and themes of movie night, dinner, spa and facial treatments and pets.

Quota’s fall Kitchen Kapers home tour is the club’s other big fundraising event. Ingle said the two shows fund a year of events that give back to the community.

The club distributed 85 Easter baskets to area children this year, purchased Christmas gifts for home health care patients, bought back-to-school items for area students, and supplied hearing aids and assisted area residents in obtaining hearing aids and batteries.

“Each project has a budget, so with the money raised we’re able to distribute it,” Ingle said.

She said the club’s mission is “to help women and children in need and to assist with the hearing impaired and deaf.”

Recently Quota supported Garland R. Quarles Elementary School and Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School, both of Winchester. This year’s school hasn’t been decided yet, Ingle said.

Quota meets at Westminster-Canterbury at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month and has 25 active members.

Fabulous Fashion Finds “just makes for a couple hours of fun shopping for women and just bring your girlfriends and have a great time,” Ingle said.

“It’s a really fun event, it’s girls’ night out.”

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Cate Blanchett makes a rare fashion flop

Cate Blanchett makes a rare fashion flop as she dons unflattering gown at award ceremony

The stylish actress, who has topped a number of style charts in the past, opted for a rather unflattering Chloe gown, which failed to make the most of her gorgeous figure.

The cream frock, which swept across the floor, featured several layers of material and frilly sleeves as well as a wide sash panel on the waistline.

And although the number was the perfect colour for the star’s alabaster complexion, it failed to make the most out of her gorgeous curves.

But ever the stunner, Cate managed to pull her look back with a chic updo and a pair of stylish turquoise earrings.

(Image: queeniedress black homecoming dresses)

She kept her make-up minimal, simply adding a splash of pink lipgloss and a sweep of black mascara.

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross hosted the dinner ceremony at the Century Plaza Hotel, where other guests included John Lasseter, Kristen Bell, Shonda Rhimes and Laura Dern.

Cate Blanchett, Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria, Rose Byrne and Frozen writer-director Jennifer Lee were all honoured with awards by the charity.

Washington and Blanchett gave speeches at the ceremony saying that women must be willing to take risks and reveal imperfections to tell authentic stories about their experiences.

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Tips From Fashion Insiders on How to Wear Sneakers With a Suit

Sneakers with a suit? Of course. Men’s wear experts offer their fashion tips for getting it right.


“Wearing sneakers with a suit is a way to show that you’re wearing the suit because you want to, not because you have to. It’s a declaration of cool. The suit has to be pretty slim and hip to begin with for this to be effective. Start with minimal sneakers that aren’t covered in crazy colors or logos. Stan Smiths or Jack Purcells are a good bet.”


“Stick to natural materials — leather and suede — and classic silhouettes. Nothing too high-performance. Basically, if your teenage son would wear them, you probably shouldn’t.”

(Image: queeniedress short homecoming dresses)


“Much as I hate to say it, the look is more about breaking the rules than saving a few bucks, so be prepared to spend almost as much on a pair of sneakers as you would on a pair of wingtips. That may be a tricky thing to justify in strictly rational terms, but then, since when has fashion been about rationality?”


“Low-tops generally serve to preserve and complement the clean lines of a tailored suit. Think Stan Smiths, Common Projects Achilles or Vans Authentics. Simple sneakers work best, as athletic-inspired trainers are too distracting; sneakers with a suit already bends the rules, but you don’t want to break them completely by drawing too much attention to what’s on your feet.”


“Sneakers should only be paired with a slim-fitting suit. If you go for a more traditional cut, you’ll end up looking like Larry David. The length of your trousers can also make or break the look. You’ll want a shorter inseam that ends at or slightly above your anklebone. Don’t be afraid to show a little sock, or skin, weather permitting.”


“Don’t be fooled by expensive imitations. Original Vans are best. Or in a pinch, a pair of old-school Adidas.”

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Fashion graduates show off end-of-year designs

IT’S the kind of quirky eye-popping creation usually seen on Lady Gaga.

Its contours inspired by paganism, with strands of raffia and mohair dress floating from every inch, this dramatic dress designed by fashion student Dean Jennings goes on display in Brighton today.

Modelled here by Mr Jennings’ fellow fashion student Jade Cast, it is part of the final year collection, called Wheat Salt Brick and Bone, by the 23-year-old Fashion and Business graduate from the University of Brighton.

Dean said: “I’m really pleased with the dress – every piece of raffia and mohair is tied on by hand, which took me and a team days to complete.”

(Image: queeniedress plus size homecoming dresses )

As part of his four-year course, Dean spent a year on a placement with the designer Gareth Pugh, whose designs have been worn by lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Beyonce.

Dean said: “You can see his influence in the exaggerated proportions of the dress and he also inspired me to move into handcrafted fashion.

“I used to live near Glastonbury and that’s where the pagan element came from.”

Dean’s collection and work by other Brighton art graduates are on display from today until June 15 at the University of Brighton in Grand Parade, Brighton.

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Fresh Talent Shows at Graduate Fashion Week

In recent years the U.K. fashion industry has seen a big pay-off come from nurturing young designers: Homegrown talents like Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou, and Erdem have gained major traction overseas. And fashion school is where that nurturing process begins.

One prestigious U.K. college, Central Saint Martins, has a hallowed place on the official London Fashion Week schedule — but there are many other, lesser known schools producing talented graduates, and for those young designers, there’s Graduate Fashion Week: a four-day exhibition where British and international graduates can show off their work, make industry contacts, and compete for awards.

The event, which counts Hilary Alexander among its trustees and Sarah Mower among its judges, kicked off on Saturday. It’s the world’s biggest student fashion event — there were over 30,000 visitors this year — and has previously helped launch the careers of Stella McCartney and Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, among others. This year, it found a new home in east London’s Brick Lane — a creative neighborhood, and a vast improvement on the sterile west London venue where it has previously been held.

There were appearances from industry speakers like Gareth Pugh, Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger, and runway shows from colleges as diverse as the Edinburgh College of Art and the global Istituto Marangoni. The final day saw the International Catwalk Competition, which was won by Taiwanese student Shan-Liao Huang from Shih Chien University. Huang’s mens- and womenswear collection was androgynous and armorlike, including a jacket with a voluminous rounded back, looking like a turtle shell. Graduates from Italy, France, Norway, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Russia also took part.

Then there was the Best of Graduate Fashion Week show, which showcased individual collections by the most talented young designers of the week. Camilla Grimes of England’s Manchester School of Art won the Creative Catwalk Award for her furry, neon streetwear, with its embroidered bomber jackets and enormous cloak hoods.

On the more outlandishly creative end of the scale was the University of Central Lancashire’s Stephanie Chesworth, whose knitwear collection used graphic images of tropical fruits, and the kind of cheerfully lurid colors you might find in a children’s book about breakfast time. She wasn’t lucky enough to win an award, but it was a refreshing jolt to the system for the audience, who had waited 40 minutes in a hot room for the show to start.

But the big winner was Grace Weller of Bath Spa University, whose collection featured beautifully intricate floral embroidery on dark lace. She took home both the Womenswear Award and the George Gold Award, which entitles her to £10,000 and the chance to adapt her collection for the British retailer George.

In years to come, 2014’s graduates could be taking up senior roles at fashion houses, or becoming big names in their own right. Until then, the event has given the students a first taste of international attention — and a glimpse at what a career in fashion might really be like.

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